Beginning a Career with PCFR

Steps to Starting a Career with Polk County Fire Rescue

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Most positions require a Florida Firefighter and/or a Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician certification.

Make sure you meet the minimum driving history requirements listed below:

  • Have not accrued 12 points within 36 months, or 18 points within 48 months
  • Have not been convicted on alcohol/drug related offenses within 36 months
  • Have not been convicted of two alcohol/drug related offenses within 10 years
  • Have not had a suspension, revocation, or restriction due to moving violations or alcohol/ drug related problem, including failure to take a breath test within the prior 36 months
  • Provide proof of insurance when required to use their personal vehicle as part of their daily job duties
  • Have not had two failures to pay fines within 36 months
  • Have not had two seat belt violations within 36 months
  • Have not had three lapses of insurance within 36 months
  • No serious traffic violations such as leaving the scene or driving on a suspended license within 36 months
  • All Polk Fire Rescue positions require possession of an approved 16-hour emergency vehicle operations course consisting of classroom and driving skills. You must provide proof of this course completion at the time of application.

Make sure you meet the minimum hiring requirements (if applying for a field position):

Check posting of open positions.

Complete on-line application during posting period. Wait for contact from Polk County Human Resources Division.

How to Apply - show/hide

Before visiting the website, please develop your resume and save it as a Microsoft Word document. You will use it during the application process. When you have developed your resume, proceed to the BoCC website,, and click on the Career Opportunities icon in the left column.

  • You will see a list of job openings. Click on your selected job opening title.
  • Review the job description provided.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Create Profile and Apply to Job." 
  • You will see an opportunity to "auto populate" your resume. This means that the system will take information from your resume and fill in the blanks of the profile with it. You may select “Choose File” and search for your resume and upload it for this use. Always check the answers that have been placed into the fields to make sure they are correct.
  • Below that you will see a series of questions that must be answered to proceed. Complete these questions accurately.
  • Under resume, you must again click “Choose File” and upload your resume. This will attach your resume to your profile and allow us to review it. Do not copy and paste your resume, as this will change the format and will make it difficult to read 
  • Under “Security Information” create a user name and password. Write this information down so you will remember it later.
  • Click submit. Be sure to save your resume for future use.

Individuals seeking to apply for a Driver/Engineer or Captain positions should view their respective pages.

The Polk County Board of County Commissioners is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

Polk County Board of County Commissioners

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