Polk Healthcare Plan

The Indigent Health Care Division manages and administers the Polk HealthCare Plan for those who are caught in the gap between not qualifying for Medicaid, and not being able to afford market place insurance.

While the Polk HealthCare Plan is not insurance, it is a way for qualifying individuals to get healthcare. IHC manages a provider network for the healthcare plan that includes primary care and specialty care physicians, urgent care centers and five area hospitals. Sponsored services include primary and specialty careservices, routine diagnostic testing, lab, radiology, hospital inpatient, outpatient and emergency services, and a Plan formulary.

Because the PHP is not insurance, participants have no annual deductibles and no claim forms. Most services require a low co-payment, which is collectedby the provider.

What is the Polk HealthCare Plan?

Primary Care Physicians Directory

Primary Care Directory

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