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Q: How is a street lighting district created?

A: A street lighting district is created when a person or group petitions the County to form a street lighting district. An ordinance is written as a result of the petition that is passed by the Board of County Commissioners, which creates the district in accordance with the Polk County government process.

For more information please review the Street Lighting Policies and Prcoedures Street Lighting Policies and Procedures.

Q: Who determines the area of the street lighting district?

A: The street lighting district’s area is determined by the petitioner. Normal boundaries are property lines around the perimeter of subdivisions or blocks. The street lighting district must be defined by finite boundaries.

Q: Who determines what the lights look like?

A: Members of the group petitioning to form a street lighting district choose the type of light to be installed. The electric company will assist with appropriate choices.

Q: Who determines where the lights go?

A: The electric company will recommend appropriate lighting for the street lighting district. The recommendation can be modified as the lighting district chooses.

Q: Who do we call if a light goes out?

A: Call the electric company. Polk County does not maintain street lighting.

Q: Who pays for the street lights?

A: Street lights in a street lighting district are paid for by the property owners included in the street lighting district on the yearly property tax bill. The number of parcels included in the street lighting district is used to determine the cost per parcel.

Q: Can the lights be installed next month?

A: No. The petitioning process requires approval through several County departments, as well as the preparation of an ordinance by the County Attorney’s office. The ordinance is acted on by the Board of County Commissioners at their regularly scheduled meeting. The cost of the lighting on the property tax bill is collected prior to the billing by the electric company. The notice to proceed issued from the County to the electric companies for the installation of street lighting is issued once a year in July/August. At that point the electric companies schedule installations.

Q: How else can we have street lights installed?

A: Any individual or group can contract with the electric company.

For more details, please contact Polk County Transportation Division at (863) 535-2200 or review the Street Lighting Policies and Prcoedures Street Lighting Policies and Procedures.

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