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Employee Wellness

Take Advantage of the FREE Healthy Life Coaching!


Goals and Objectives


  1. To educate the patient and enable them to stay healthier by understanding how to self-manage their diabetes, hypertension and/or high cholesterol.
  2. To provide patient compliance consultation.
  3. To educating patients about the importance of remaining compliant with their particular disease management protocols.
  4. To provide comprehensive medication review of the patient medication regiment.
  1. To help reduce the cost of the medication associated with (diabetes, hypertension and/or high cholesterol.


Past Results:

The following results have been achieved over the last year with the help of the

The Healthy Life Coaching program will:

  1. Reduce blood pressure
  2. Reduce A1C levels
  3. Reduce Cholesterol levels
  4. Help develop a more healthy employee
  5. Decrease on the job absenteeism
  6. Reduce patients medication cost


Who’s eligible?

  1. Being insured by (Aetna) is the key
  2. Full time BOCC employees insured by(Aetna) only
  3. Spouses of Full time BOCC employees that’s on the employees (Aetna) plan
  4. Children age 12 and up that’s on the employees (Aetna) plan


For more detail please call:

Dr. Dwayne Jones

Phone: (863)534-5506

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