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Work Session on Growth Management Legislation - June 27, 2011

Gateway Selected Area Study (SAS)

East Polk Selected Area Study 

A land use study for the area east of Dundee to Lake Pierce called the East Polk Selected Area Study (SAS) more...


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Southeast Polk Selected Area Study and Vision Plan 


Land Develoment Code (LDC) Text

ico_pdf Public Meeting Notification 7-11-13

ico_pdf Draft Proposed LDC Text for 7-11-13 Public Meeting

Comprehensive Plan Adoption

ico_pdf Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment Text  

ico_pdf  Vision Map  

ico_pdf Vision Future Land Use Map   

ico_pdf Vision Aerial 

  Selected Area Plan Phase - August 2011

ico_pdf  Overview

Bone Valley Selected Area Study (SAS) 

The purpose of the Bone Valley (fka Phosphate Mining) SAS/SAP is to develop a vision, conversion process, and supporting Future Land Use plan for the areas in the south-west portion of the county that supported the phosphate mining industry.  More....

Please click here for a brief 5-minute video overview of the Bone Valley SAS.

Phase I - Existing Conditions Analysis Phase II - Visioning Phase III - Implementation
2011   2012   2013  

Kick-Off Information

 Guiding Principles 

Draft Comprehensive Plan policies

 Bone Valley Existing Conditions Analysis 2012

Visioning Workshop Information


  Bone Valley Existing Conditions Analysis 2012 (8x11)

 Visioning Brochure

Draft Land Development Code Policies

Existing Conditions Video Presentation 

Visioning Presentation


For additional information on the Bone Valley SAS, phases, or Focus Group Meeting, please contact the Project Manager.

Haines City/Polk County Joint Planning Agreement with Polk County

Haines City/Polk County JPA – The original JPA was adopted on January 21, 2009 and is included below.  The City of Haines City has requested an amendment and will be heard by the Board of County Commissioners on Wednesday, May 5, 2010.  Please go to the Government tab and then to Board Agendas and Minutes on Thursday, April 29, 2010 to view the agenda item. To view other Joint Planning Agreements, please visit the Joint Planning Agreement webpage.


 Polk Land Stewardship Program  

Amendment will culminate in the development of the Conservation Strategy and Business Plan for the Polk Land Stewardship Program more ...

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 Polk Commerce Centre Development of Regional Impact (DRI) and I-4 Selected Area Plan (SAP) Amendments

This is an amendment to the DRI and SAP for the area north of Auburndale along the Polk Parkway, and between Berkley and SR 559 and between I-4 and CR 559A  more...

Polk County has submitted an amendment to the Polk Commerce Centre Development of Regional Impact. The links below, Volume I, Volume I-Exhibits, Volume II and Appendices, are the document that make up the application.

After all state, regional and local agencies reviewed the application, the items below were submitted in response.  Please see the responses to the Florida Department of Transportation and the Turnpike Authority for a brief overview of all the information provided.

Note:  Staff has technical analysis that was done which includes a large volume of computer modals that were used Please call Long Range Planning at 534-6486 if you would like to view these files.


Farmworker Housing Task Force

This group was formed by the Board of County Commission to develop new standards for Farm worker Housing in Polk County more....

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 Urban Form Focus Group (UFFG) 

The Long Range Planning Division partnered with Polk Vision to sponsor a community dialogue on growth issues, and this process yielded a set of “Quality Growth Strategies” to guide growth and help shape Polk’s future....for more information, please visit our new UFFG webpage at


 Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) 

Pursuant to Section 163.3191, Florida Statutes, "local governments shall adopt an Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) once every seven years assessing the progress in implementing the local government's comprehensive plan." The report evaluates how successful a local government has been in addressing major community land use planning issues through implementation of its Comprehensive Plan.


 Wetlands Focus Group 


 TIGER II Grant - Infrastructure 

TIGER II discretionary Grant -  Interstate 4 Technology Corridor Intermodal Center, University of South Florida Polytechnic, Polk County.  The Proposed Intermodal Center will include express and local bus routes, connections to the Highspeed Rail station, the car share program, Park-In Ride lot, bicycle station, multi-use trail connections and extensive pedestrian connections...


TIGER II Grant - HUD Community Challenge Planning Grant 

The purpose of the proposed project is to Improve community and neighborhood access to jobs and education opportunities especially for low and moderate income persons;Implement transit service development in close proximity to affordable housing and employment opportunities;Promote and incentivize the assessment, remediation and reuse of brownfield sites for affordable housing and other community uses; and Promote sustainable communities by linking transportation and land use investments.

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 CR 540-A Corridor Study

The Board of County Commissioners directed staff to work on a growth plan for the CR 540 A in the Fall of 2011.  Staff presented information on the corridor at the Board/Planning Commission Joint Worksession on March 28, 2011.  Staff was tasked with Consider how the non-residential zonings at the intersections along CR 540 A expand and developed along with landscaping, pedestrian, and transit improvements.  Prior to presenting any recommendations, staff wanted to gain public input on their vision of the corridor.  This was done with two community meetings held in September.  Please click on the PDF below titled “Community Meeting Follow up and Action Recommendations” to read a summary of the results, the policy change recommendations, and hearing dates.  The PDF document below titled “September 2011 Community Meeting Public Comments” are a listing of the written comments we received from the Comment Form and notes on the table maps.  The PDF document below titled “September 26, 2011 Joint Worksession Power Point and hand out materials” includes the information the Board considered when staff presented on this subject at the September 26, 2011 Joint Worksession.

The documents below provide background information leading up to the September Community Meetings

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