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Polk County Utilities Environmental Permitting Section




Polk County Utilities and the Southwest Florida Water Management District are offering water customers with working in-ground irrigation systems using potable (drinking) or reclaimed water a FREE EVALUATION.  For a limited time, participants will receive, at no charge:

  • An irrigation system evaluation with site-specific recommendations
  • Landscaping evaluation with planting recommendations
  • Water conservation information
  • Assistance with your irrigation timer
  • PLUS a free water conservation kit.

To be eligible, you must be a Polk County Utilities residential, commercial, or multi-family customer using potable or reclaimed water with an operable in-ground irrigation system.

Even better!  City of Lakeland, Polk City, Haines City, Auburndale, and Winter Haven are also offering the Free Landscape and Irrigation Evaluation program!  Please check with your water utility for participation.

Click here for a printable Polk County Utilities Landscape and Irrigation Evaluation Application, or call Jacqueline Hollister 863-298-4100 for more information. 


 The Polk County Utilities (PCU) Environmental Permitting Section works closely with federal and state governing agencies to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and reporting. Water and wastewater treatment facilities are licensed to operate under specific guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Florida. PCU currently has nine (9) wastewater treatment facilities issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and eight (8) regional water use permits from two Water Management Districts for forty-five (45) water treatment facilities.

Data provided by licensed water and wastewater operators and the customer service database helps us prepare reports used by the Community Investment Program to determine timelines and priorities for identified needs. The Permitting Section, in conjunction with the PCHD, provides our utility customers with an Annual Water Quality Report that officially informs the public about the quality of their drinking water. Water Quality Reports can be found on this website. 

The Utility Permitting Section's Responsibilities Include:

  • Enforcing SWFWMD’s Watering Restrictions
  • Conducting Wetlands Monitoring 
  • Tracking Potable and Reclaimed Water Usage Trends
  • Storm Water System Permitting and Inspections
  • Residuals Permitting for Hauling of Sludge Residuals within Polk County
  • Monitoring of Fats, Oils and Grease Removal Compliance
  • Identifying Significant Industrial Users on PCU Wastewater Collection Systems
  • Grant Funding Program for Eligible Community Investment Projects 
  • Public Education for Water Conservation Projects

Utility Staff are Available for Scheduling to Speak with Community Associations, Schools and Groups on Topics that Include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Water Conservation
  • Leak Detection
  • Reclaimed Water Use
  • Micro-irrigation
  • Sprinkler System Evaluations
  • Florida-Friendly Landscaping™  

Please visit our “Florida-Friendly Demonstration Garden” at the Utilities Administration Building in Winter Haven Built in Cooperation with SWFWMD and Polk County’s Florida Yards & Neighborhoods.

To Obtain A Speaker from Polk County Utilities for a Community Organization, School or Group, Please Contact 863-298-4236 or Email


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