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Polk County Utility Contact Information


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Utilities Physical Address:
1011 Jim Keene Boulevard, SR 540
Winter Haven, FL 33880


Utilities Phone Numbers:
- Customer Service Phone Number
800-301-6039 - Customer Service Toll Free Number
863-298-4111 - Customer Service Fax Number




Utilities Customer Service


Mail Bills / Account Information
P.O. Box 2019, Bartow, FL 33831-2019
863-298-4100 / 800-301-6039
Fax 863-298-4111

Lobby Hours: 8:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M.

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Utilities Rates and Fees

Customer Service, Finance Manager
Charles Richards, CPA - 863-298-4100
Email -

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A Message from the Utilities Division Director


Polk County Utilities (PCU), founded in the early seventies, provides unincorporated communities in Polk County safe drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment systems. In some service areas we provide reclaimed water. In all, we serve over 59,000 customers. Our mission is to:  Deliver Water Utility Services that are Reliable, Constantly Improving, Supporting Economic Growth and Exceeding Our Customer’s Expectations.


PCU is committed to developing long range strategic plans to meet future infrastructure and utility service needs for community growth development and expansion while meeting the needs of our existing customers.  We provide cost effective water and wastewater services and programs to maintain the quality of life for the residents of Polk County. We are dedicated to operating a public utility system that is economically sound, environmentally responsible, operationally reliable, and customer responsive.


The Utilities Department is comprised of four sections, Community Investment Program, Customer Service and Finance, Operations, Permitting and Compliance. Utility staff handles planning, budgeting, engineering and regulatory issues for the community. Utility department responsibilities include:

  • Producing and Distributing 14 Million Gallons per Day of Potable Water
  • Collecting and Treating 5.7 Million Gallons per Day of Wastewater
  • Producing and distributing 5.1 Million Gallons per Day of Reuse Water for Irrigation 
  • Repairing Approximately 3,000  Water Pipe Breaks in 2013
  • Responding to Approximately 11,500 “Sunshine One Call” Requests in 2013 to Identify Locations of Utility Lines


The Utilities Division works closely with agencies such as the Water Management Districts, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other municipalities in Polk County to provide for future demand via planning and water conservation measures. We are charged with safeguarding public health and the environment while providing continuous process improvements.


The dedication and expertise of the men and women of the Polk County Utilities Division remains focused on serving our customers. PCU is committed to responding quickly to our customers' concerns and providing reliable drinking water and sewer service.  If you have a water or sewer emergency, please call us day or night at 863-534-7351.

Marjorie G. Craig, P.E.
Polk County Utilities Division Director


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