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American Rescue Plan Status Report

In March 2021, Congress signed into law the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act to deliver relief to families, businesses and government organizations impacted by the pandemic. 

Polk County received a $140.8 million appropriation to support urgent COVID-19 response efforts to control the spread of the virus, replace lost public sector revenue, support economic stabilization for the county, and to address necessary investments in water, sewer, stormwater and broadband infrastructure. All funds must be allocated by the end of 2024 and spent by the end of 2026. 

The county’s ARP Recovery Plan was published on August 31, 2021. It included detailed infrastructure project descriptions, with budgets, for Polk’s use of its appropriation. An update on the status of these projects is outlined below.


ARP Facilities Projects

ProjectBudgetStatusWork in Progress
Replace and upgrade existing HVAC systems in the Administration Building to combat the spread of diseases$2.5 millionIn ProgressDesign
Provide improvements to Code Enforcement offices for better social distancing$0.1 millionCompleted 

ARP Drainage Projects

ProjectBudgetStatusWork in Progress
Imperial Lakes Boulevard Phase 1$15 millionIn ProgressDesign
South Lake Wales pipe upgrades and retention ponds$0.7 millionIn Progress 
Benton Street Drainage Study with design and construction$0.3 millionIn ProgressDesign
Hamilton and Medulla Road easement acquisition, permitting and pipe upsizing$0.2 millionIn ProgressDesign
Waynesville Avenue and French Avenue engineering and watershed evaluation and improvements$0.4 millionIn ProgressDesign
Construct Urband Lane drainage improvements$0.3 millionIn Progress 
Carefree Cove Drainage Study with design and construction$0.3 millionIn ProgressDesign
Palmer Road Drainage Study with design and construction$0.3 million

In Progress

Indian Woods Trails/N Campbell Drive Drainage Study with design, permitting and construction

$0.9 million

In ProgressDesign
Stonewood Subdivision drainage installation$0.3 millionIn Progress 
Removal of sediment on King Boulevard (Frostproof) and piping the drainage system$0.3 millionIn ProgressDesign
Lake Victoria Outfall Drainage upgraded or alternative system to handle water flows from this area$2.2 millionIn ProgressDesign and land acquisition
Improve Driftwood Drive infrastructure by properly conveying stormwater to Stanley outfall$0.5 millionIn ProgressDesign
Replace Fairway Avenue's old drainage system to same size pipes and drainage boxes$0.5 millionIn ProgressDesign
Armstrong/Pipkin/Old Medulla outfall system constructed to possibly include a retention pond$0.3 millionIn Progress 
NW Wahneta drainage replaced with new culverts, inlets and ditches$1.0 millionIn ProgressDesign
Creekwater Drive cross drain pipes improvements$0.3 millionIn ProgressDesign

ARP Stormwater/Water Quality Projects

ProjectBudgetStatusWork in Progress
Lane Annie restoration and water storage$2.4 millionIn ProgressDesign and land acquisition
Lave Eva stormwater improvements to restore and treat regional water bodies in the Haines City area
$4.6 millionIn ProgressDesign
Lake Lulu natural areas restoration and stormwater redirection$1.0 millionIn ProgressDesign and land acquisition
Small scale surface water enhancement and treatment using plans in the Ridge Lakes Study$1.0 millionIn ProgressDesign
Create a Lena Run natural stream corridor providing stormwater treatment as water moves through the basin$2.5 millionIn ProgressDesign
Peace Creek Canal water quality, drainage, storage and flood protection in the watershed$7.3 millionIn ProgressDesign and land acquisition


ARP Utilities Projects

ProjectBudgetStatusWork in Progress
New Crooked Lake Park Wastewater infrastructure to replace failing collection and treatment systems$5.0 millionIn ProgressLand/ROW acquisition
Briarwood Estates new lift station and force main construction to deliver wastewater from failing package plant to the northwest wastewater treatment facility
$2.0 millionIn ProgressLand/ROW acquisition
Septage and FOG (fats, oils, grease) receiving facilities at three wastewater treatment facilities$6.0 millionIn ProgressDesign
Northeast wastewater treatment facility electrical and communication network conversion to a similar configuration at all other facilities in the county's inventor$11.0 millionIn Progress 
Polk/Lakeland/Bartow emergency potable water interconnects$1.5 millionIn ProgressDesign and land/ROW acquisition
Babson Park #1 water production facility construction of a ground storage tank and high-service pump station$3.0 millionIn Progress 
Jordan's Grove new reclaimed water storage and re-pump facility$3.1 millionIn ProgressDesign
Ernie Caldwell Boulevard 20-inch PVC pipe installation$2.5 millionIn Progress 
ERUSA receiving facility in the vicinity of Masterpiece and Timberlane Roads$2.1 millionIn ProgressLand/ROW acquisition
CRUSA receiving facility that may be used to wheel water from the Southeast Wellfield through the emergency interconnect$1.5 millionIn ProgressLand/ROW acquisition