Outside Agency Funding Request Application Process

To ensure that Polk County is fiscally responsible and residents are well-served, policies and uniform procedures have been developed to guide submission, review, and approval of outside agencies funding requests to deliver various services.

If your agency is interested in applying for funding, select the Outside Agency Funding Policy link below to view the policy, eligibility criteria, and procedures regarding Outside Agency funding. Selecting the Outside Agency Funding Request Form below provides access to the application.

Application Deadline:
The application submission deadline for the 19/20 budget due February 15, 2019.
Applications must be submitted using pdf format and delivered via email or digitally to:

Budget and Management Services
330 W. Church St.
P.O. Box 9005, Drawer CA 02
Bartow, Florida 33831
Email: susandragonetti@polk-county.net

Return to this page for other important information, dates and work sessions related to outside agencies.

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