Division Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

The Strategic Planning Process enables each division to define priorities, focus resources, establish objectives and outcomes, and strengthen operations to accomplish the Board’s strategies and long-term mission. The process takes teams through a series of workshops and activities as described below to develop division focused strategic plans.

  • Strategic Planning Orientation: Senior executives and staff team review the planning methodology, schedule, team member roles, and expected outcomes
  • Organization Profiling, SWOT Analysis, and Futuring: The team clarifies the division’s vision, mission, and values; analyzes past and future trends to reveal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; explores technology and skill gaps
  • Functional and Organizational Analysis: The team is guided to analyze program outcomes, service demands, internal and external levels of satisfaction, alternative services, performance indicators and organizational structures
  • Action Planning: The team identifies opportunities for people, technology, and financial changes; change objectives are defined and assigned; a strategic planning document is development. 
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