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Steps to Permitting

Step 1:

Submit Application Online

Basic Information needed for the application will include the following:

  • Owner’s Name
  • Property Address & Parcel ID Number (can be obtained from the Polk Property Appraiser's Website)
  • Directions to the Property & Gate Code (if applicable)
  • Description of Work
  • Total Value of Work

Please note, all information listed above must be provided and additional information may need to be provided depending on the type of permit being requested.

Step 2:

Upload or deliver required Plans and Supporting Plan Documentation (Pay Applicable Fees) Construction documents, a statement of special inspections, and other data shall be submitted with each application for a permit. The construction documents shall be prepared by a registered design professional where required by Chapter 471, Florida Statutes or Chapter 481, Florida Statutes. 

At a minimum two (2) sets of the following shall be submitted for Commercial, Industrial, Multi Family, Trade, One and Two Family Residential:

  • Individual Lot Plot Plan
  • Proof of Approved Site Construction Plan (Level 2)
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor/Roof Framing Plan or Truss Layout
  • All Exterior Elevations
  • Floor Plan

Step 3:

Have Plans Reviewed and Approved

Step 4:

Upload Documents Required Prior to Permit Issuance. (Pay Applicable Fees)

The items below are not required prior to plan review, however they must be submitted prior to any Permit Issuance:

  • Construction Waste/Setback Form
  • Primary Contractor Info
  • Sub-Contractor Info
  • Additional Documents may be required based on scope of work, type of application – Applicant (Owner/Builder, Contractor) will be notified of other required documents i.e., flood certificate, letter of authorization, etc.

Step 5:

Permit Issued. After Permit issuance, a Recorded Notice of Commencement (NOC) or other documents may be required prior to inspections.

Caution: Per Florida Statutes 125.022 and 166.033, the issuance of this Building Permit does not exempt the applicant from obtaining all permits or approvals required by State or Federal agencies. Proof of said permits must be provided to the Building Division prior to commencement of construction. Effective July 01, 2012

For questions or additional help, please call (863) 534-6080 and ask to speak to the Permit Tech On Call.