Local Mitigation Strategy

The Polk County Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) is a multi-jurisdictional plan that assesses the vulnerability of the county and its jurisdictions to hazards and elaborates on the risk associated with each type of hazard.  It evaluates local mitigation efforts that should be taken and their usefulness, as well as providing guidance for implementation at the jurisdictional level.  Through adoption of this plan, the county and its jurisdictions will be eligible for federal funds to carry out their mitigation actions from HMGP and PDM grants.

Current Activities:

  Integrating Floodplain Management Plan into the LMS 

The LMS includes these five sections:

Section I
Section II
Section III
Section IV
Section V
Section I: Introduction

This section provides an overview of the county, the purpose of the plan, and highlights some demographic information. It also contains the goals and objectives for the plan.

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Section II: Planning Process

This section discusses the process used to create the 2010 LMS. It contains a list of participants, public meetings, and methods of integration with other county plans and documents.

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Section III: Risk Assessment

This section includes a hazard identification which provides a profile of each natural hazard that could affect Polk County. This includes the location, extent, impact, and probability of future occurrences. Also in this section are damage estimates and building inventories. This provides an overview of how much damage could be done for a certain type of hazard, as well as the amount of buildings and critical facilities.

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Section VI: Mitigation Strategy

This section contains a project list for mitigation actions, new and old. The list of actions will be prioritized using the STAPLEE cost-benefit review. A completed Project Worksheet must be completed to submit a new project to be included in the LMS.

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Section V: Implementation and Evaluation

This section includes the method of periodic evaluation for the LMS, ensuring that the information stays current. It also includes responsibilities for different departments and parties when it comes to implementing and monitoring the plan and its actions.

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