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Strategic Plan

Health and Human Services 2021 Strategic Plan Banner

Community Outcomes

  • Reduce crisis-driven institutionalizations
  • Link veterans to benefits
  • Reduce child abuse rates through the Healthy Families program
  • Increase housing opportunities for low to moderate income families
  • Increase access to health care services

Outcome Metrics

  • Number of trained educators
  • Community Outreach Plan implemented
  • Number of outreach events
  • Number of people attending outreach events
  • Feasibility study achieved for behavioral health integration
  • Number of volunteers placed within county divisions
  • Increased enrollment in division programs
  • Reduction of barriers to accessing health services
  • Increased public knowledge of how to access available health services
  • Mobile integrated care established
Goal: Expand & Align

Strategy: Increase talent pipeline through internships, volunteerism and other opportunities
Strategy: Develop and implement a community outreach initiative
Strategy: Implement mobile integrated care with community partners
Strategy: Develop and implement community paramedic program

Goal: Integrate & Align

Strategy: Veterans to network with interdepartmental and external programs for the full continuum of care
Strategy: Explore the integration of Healthy Families' behavioral health program with interdivisional program
Strategy: Explore opportunities to better align and enhance volunteer service for county divisions
Strategy: Develop and strengthen relationships with public and nonprofit organizations to strengthen and promote outreach initiatives
Strategy: Explore potential systems enhancements with 211, 911 and Crisis Response Team
Strategy: Build support for a Community Information Exchange

Goal: Revisit & Refresh

Strategy: Explore social service case management model
Strategy: Pursue healthcare innovation

If you would like to request a pdf of the Strategic Plan in its entirety, please feel free to contact the Communications Division at (863) 534-6090