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Changes to Interior Design

In 2022, the Board directed staff to propose changes to the internal design of Planned Developments to provide higher quality developments that are responsive to the needs of their residents. These changes include:

  • Improving the design and utility of open space
  • Requiring accessible recreation areas
  • Providing additional parking areas
  • Allowing for an amenity plan to attain higher residential density, and
  • Providing predictability so applicants will know where they stand on their internal design before public hearings.

Why have these Changes Been Recommended?

Open Space should reflect Comprehensive Plan goals that provide for the preservation of open space for the purpose of providing buffers between incompatible land uses; preserving significant natural lands; areas for stormwater management; recreation; and aesthetic natural landscapes.

Reduced lot sizes should increase density but shrink personal space. Reduced lot widths and setbacks eliminate personal outdoor space on individual lots. The area needed for parking personal vehicles is also diminished.

Changes Already Adopted

LDCT-2022-9 Open Space Revisions (adopted 12/6/22)

  • All residential development must dedicate 20% open space of developable uplands.
  • PDs with lot widths under 80 feet must dedicate 500 sq. ft. of recreation area per unit.
  • Stormwater ponds must be contoured and landscaped to count for open space.
  • Stormwater ponds must include passive/active recreation to count toward recreation requirements.
  • Wetland buffers that are not impacted may count toward open space.
  • 25-foot-wide landscaped buffers may count towards open space.

LDCT-2022-17 Garage Setback & Tree Ordinance (adopted 12/20/22)

  • Garage entrances must be setback 25 feet from the right-of-way.
  • Single-family detached subdivisions must provide one tree per lot.

Changes to be Considered in Spring 2023?

LDCT-2022-23 On-Street Parking (April BoCC)

  • Amend LDC Section 709 to allow on-street parking along sides of parking lot drive aisles and private roads.
  • Provide for safe dimensions and standards for on-street parking spaces.

LDCT-2022-24 Internal Sidewalks (April BoCC)

  • Amend Section 707 to require internal sidewalks within all residential developments.
  • Provides for pedestrian safety within a neighborhood.
  • Provides for connectivity to internal recreation and amenities.

Changes to be Considered in Summer 2023?

Amenity Plan (TBD)

  • Establish a hierarchy of amenity options to increase residential density.
  • Amenities range from pedestrian facilities to community recreation facilities.
  • Ensure facilities are accessible to all neighborhood residents.

Additional Parking Areas (TBD)

  • Reduced lot widths will require additional parking areas for personal and recreation vehicles.