Development of Regional Impact

What is a DRI?

A Development of Regional Impact is any development which, because of its character, magnitude or location, would have a substantial effect upon the health, safety, or welfare of citizens of more than one county. Developments of Regional Impact are regulated by Section 380.06 Florida Statutes and Chapter 28-24 and Rule 9J-2 Florida Administrative Code.

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 DRI Thresholds Chart
 Pre DRI #1 Poinciana

DRI Map #

Development Order for DRI


1 Ridgewood Lakes Map
2 Providence (aka Oakhill Estates) Map
3 Grenelefe
4 Imperial Lakes Map
5 Westside (in both Osceola and Polk Counties Map
6 Victor Posner City Center Map
7 Circus World / Boardwalk and Baseball
8 River Ranch Map
9 PCC / USF Map
10 New Wales Gypsum Stack Expansion - IMC
11 US Agri-Chemicals Gypsum Stack
12 Clear Springs Mine - IMC Map
13 Haynesworth Mine Extension - IMC
14 Hookers Prairie / Palmetto Tract - Mosaic/Cargill
15 Noralyn/Phosphoria Mine Extension - IMC
16 South Fort Meade Mine - Mosaic/Cargill Map
17 South Rockland (Payne Creek) Mine - Agrico
18 Polk Commerce Center Map
19 Green Bay Gypsum Stack Expansion - Mosaic/Cargill
20 Stoneybrook South Map
21 Champions Gate Map
22 Four Corners Town Center Map

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