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Hurricane Preparedness Week Has Begun

Published on May 10, 2021

The skies are blue and the clouds are still white and puffy, which means it’s the perfect time to being preparing for hurricane season.

You don’t want to waste time and find yourself rushing to find limited supplies when things begin to get stormy. That’s why this is designated as National Hurricane Preparedness Week.

This is the time to determine your risk, develop a plan for your family and begin buying the supplies you need. The key is not waiting until the last minute to prepare your home and family. Remember, hurricane season begins June 1.

In Florida, it's no secret that we are susceptible to hurricanes. While you can't prevent them, you can prepare by knowing what risks you face and having an emergency plan in place for your family or business.

This week, tune into Polk County Emergency Management’s Facebook page, or Twitter account @PolkEmergency for information on what and how to prepare for this year’s hurricane season.

You can also find more helpful tips, including information about emergency communications and pet shelters at Polk County’s Hurricane Preparedness website.