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Protect Building Sites from Theft

Published on Oct 20, 2021

Building is booming in Polk County and so are construction-related thefts, according to feedback received by the Polk County Building Division.

“It really isn’t a surprise to us,” said Building Director Benjamin Dunn. “With the shortages of supplies, skyrocketing inflation and supply chain issues, unsecured building supplies are a beacon to criminals looking for an easy pay day.”

But a local construction jobsite doesn’t have to be easy pickings. This is a problem that both homeowners and builders can work together to combat. All it takes is a few adjustments on how a building site is secured.

A few tips on securing a construction site include:

  • Lock all doors and garages on homes when valuable materials and supplies are within the home;
  • Store lumber on the rear of the property when feasible to make it more difficult to take;
  • Secure the plywood delivered in a bunk to make it more difficult to take;
  • Install security cameras or affordable game cameras throughout the neighborhood under construction;
  • In following the guidelines set in Florida statute 810.09, place a sign on the property with specific wording that enhances criminal penalties;
  • In extreme situations of theft, hiring of a security company to patrol the construction sites may help; and
  • Coordinate with local law enforcement to hire off-duty deputies or police officers to help combat individuals engaging in theft. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office guidelines are here:

“We want everyone to be able to protect their home and property, whether or not they are living in it at the time,” Dunn added. “Just because it may be a construction job site, doesn’t mean there aren’t victims affected by this.”