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Polk Commissioner Districts to Change

Published on Oct 21, 2021

A 20 percent jump in population during the last decade means Polk County’s commissioner district boundaries are changing.

On Tuesday, the Board approved a preliminary redistricting map of the county based on the 2020 Census data. Since 2010, the county’s population has grown from 602,095 to 725,046.

It’s a process that happens every decade in the odd year following the national census. In August, the county manager’s office selected a working group to oversee the redrawing of the five districts. The group included representation from the Supervisor of Elections office, county administration, the county attorney, county surveyors and members of the county’s communications and information technology staff.

Now that the preliminary map is approved, the county surveyor’s office will draft legal descriptions of the new district boundaries, which will then be voted upon by the Board and advertised in The Ledger newspaper for four weeks before it becomes effective.