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Panther Point Trail


3115 Thornhill Rd.
Winter Haven


Explore the outdoors and enjoy scenic views of nature and wildlife alongside the Panther Point Trail. It runs along the eastern shore of Lake Hancock and adjacent wetlands within county and state-managed conservation lands. The multi-use trail is eight miles long and provides a great place for hikers, bicyclists and nature enthusiasts.

You may catch a glimpse of wildlife on your journey, so keep your eye out for foxes, Sherman’s fox squirrels, bobcats and deer. A variety of birds frequent the area that include wild turkey, hawks, owls, woodpeckers, warblers, spoonbills and migratory birds. Gopher tortoises and eastern indigo snakes also make their home on this site.

Panther Point is considered a moderate multi-purpose trail with uneven ground. Use the posted mile markers to keep track of your distance. There are no exits on the trail, so pace yourself and give yourself time and energy to make the return trip. The trail ties into Fort Fraser Trail and will continue to Circle B Bar Reserve. That’s 14 miles one way.



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