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Property Owners and Renters


For all your building needs, permit and impact fees, we have you covered here.

Flood Insurance

Many of Polk’s lands are in flood prone areas and you can learn how that impacts your home or business here.

History Center

Throughout the year, the museum offers special events, volunteer opportunities and educational programs.

Housing and Neighborhood Development

Federal and state grants help fund numerous projects to help the county’s most vulnerable residents and neighborhoods.

Human Services

Polk County offers a wealth of social services, from navigating veterans benefits, to volunteer opportunities, retirement home information and adult day care.

Insurance Services Office

This office helps in determining risk to a particular property, and services to help calculate distance from a property to the closest fire station and hydrant for insurance purposes.

Mosquito Control

The county works to combat the mosquito population through a variety of methods that you can access and learn about here.


Polk County has a wealth of parks to meet the needs of nearly every resident it serves. Find out how to find a park, fishing pond, resource center, or boat ramp near you here.


If you’re building your own home, or just making an addition, this is where you want to start the permitting process.


The Polk County Tax Collector’s Office is charged with collecting all real estate property and tangible personal property taxes in the county.


Do you need to set up a new account, make a payment to a current one, or learn how to save on your next water bill? We are here to serve you.

Waste and Recycling

If you’re needing information on trash collection days, acceptable recyclable materials, or needs to submit a service request for your home or business, we have you covered here.