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Customer Service

Alert Polk is a critical communications system used to inform county residents about public safety threats and concerns, including boil water notices and other emergency issues impacting Polk's Utilities Division. You can sign up for this free service at

Polk County Utilities customer service representatives are here to help you. Below are certain forms and documents that might aid you in getting faster service.

Customer Service Line: (863) 298-4100

How to read and understand your bill

Balance Forward: This is an unpaid balance or an overpayment brought forward and included in the total amount due.  A bill with a previous unpaid balance is subject to immediate cut-off unless arrangements have been previously made.

Billing Interval:  Bills for service are rendered at approximately 30 day intervals.

Days: Indicates the number of days between the previous reading date and the current reading date.

Meter Number:  This is the primary serial number on the meter which is being billed.

Meter Readings:  Current identifies the meter reading for the current billing period.  Previous identifies the meter reading billed for the previous billing period.

Service Period:  Indicates the period between the previous reading date and current reading date.

Service Type:  Identifies the type of service for which your location is being billed.

                W = Water

                R  = Reclaimed Water

                S  = Sewer

Unit:  Identifies the type of unit being charged.  TGAL = Thousands of gallons.

Usage:  Shows the amount of water, reclaimed water and/or sewer(1,000 gals.) billed in the current service period.

More information on your bill

Residential application for water and/or sewer service

Complete the application for residential water and/or sewer service to apply for a residential utility account. Only one primary name can be listed on the utility account; indicate how you would like the account name listed. A secondary name and contact number can be listed as well. When completing the Residential Application, please verify the service and mailing address is correct, as additional charges could be incurred for corrections and/or trip charges if it is necessary to hand deliver mail to a customer's location.

Polk County Utilities requires a deposit to establish an account. See the Utilities Rates and Fees link on the Utilities page for deposit fee information or contact Customer Service at (863) 298-4100. The deposit is non-negotiable or transferable between individuals.Checks should be made payable to Polk County Utilities. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the exact time of service connection.

Application for Water and/or Sewer Service

Solicitud de Servicio de Agua Y/O Alcantarillado

Commercial application for water and/or sewer service

Complete the Commercial Application for Utility Service to apply for a commercial utility account at an existing location. The application must be completed and signed by an authorized signer for the business. Deposits are based on usage/capacity requirements and are subject to periodic review as well as adjustments. The customer's signature on this application indicates acknowledgement that connection fees will be evaluated by staff at least annually. If actual utility usage is greater than originally estimated, additional fees may be assessed.

  • Checks should be made payable to Polk County Utilities.
  • Scan and email the signed application/s with a copy of all required documents to If the ability to email the appplication/s is not available, application/s and required documents can be faxed to (863) 298-4111.
Application for Commercial Utility Service

Other Utilities Forms