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Yard Waste (Horticultural Trash)

Yard waste collection service is intended for the collection of routine lawn and landscape maintenance. Routine yard waste is collected once a week.

Guidelines for routine yard waste collection

  • Curbside Collection Guidelines
  • Yard Waste Collection Guidelines
  • Yard waste items must be:
    • curbside from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • within three feet of the curb or edge of the street
    • at least three feet from other fixed objects
  • Grass trimmings and leaves must be bagged or containerized for collection
  • Bundles, bags, or containers of yard waste should weigh less than 50 pounds each
  • Routine Yard Waste outside of a container should be no more than six feet in length and/or no more than six inches in diameter

Routine yard trash

Any vegetative matter resulting from residential property lawn and landscaping maintenance including:

  • Shrub and tree trimmings
  • Grass clippings
  • Palm fronds
  • Branches

Non-routine yard trash

Material placed curbside that does not meet the county guidelines of routine yard trash will be tagged with a non-collection notice, which serves to inform the resident that the material is non-conforming debris and therefore cannot be collected. If a material is non-conforming, then disposal is the responsibility of the resident. Routine yard trash does not include:

  • Whole trees/tree trunks
  • Stumps/logs
  • Root systems
  • Land clearing debris (i.e. rocks, bushes)

For a list of contract haulers to remove non-conforming debris, contact the Waste and Recycling Division at (863) 284-4319.