Mosquito Control

They bite, they buzz and they can annoy any barbecue. But Polk County's Mosquito Control Unit is constantly at work to combat the pesky insects and improve public health.

If you are having problems with mosquitos and would like to request service in your area, fill out the Mosquito Service Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a set schedule for spraying mosquitoes? - more info
  • How many phone calls do you need to spray in my area? - more info
  • Do you spray for midges (blind mosquitoes)? - more info
  • Can Mosquito Control spray for a special event? - more info
  • Why do mosquitoes bite? - more info
  • How do you know what area has been sprayed? - more info
  • Are mosquito control treatments harmful to people or pets? - more info
  • Who oversees pesticide applications? - more info
  • What methods are used to control mosquitoes? - more info
  • What is larviciding? - more info
  • What is adulticiding? - more info

Below are resources to help explain the importance of mosquito control and important public health websites:

Public Health Related Websites

Pesticide Information Sites

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