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Phone: (863) 298-4100
Toll Free: (800) 301-6039

After Hours:
To report a water outage, leak or sewer backup, call (863) 534-7351 or email

Tamara Richardson, P.E.


Street Address:
1011 Jim Keene Blvd.
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday:
8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Polk County Utilities provides safe drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment systems to nearly 68,000 accounts in unincorporated communities throughout the county. In some service areas, this division also provides reclaimed water.

The Utilities Division is divided into sections that include the Community Investment Program, Customer Service and Finance, Operations, and Permitting and Compliance. Utility staff handles planning, budgeting, engineering and regulatory issues for the community.

Polk’s Utilities program:

  • Produces and distributes 18.9 million gallons of drinkable water each day
  • Collects and treats 8.6 million gallons of wastewater each day
  • Produces and distributes 7.4 million gallons a day of reuse water for irrigation
  • Responded to nearly 23,000 Sunshine One Call requests in 2022 to identify locations of utility lines

The Utilities Division also works closely with agencies such as the water management districts, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and other municipalities in Polk to provide for future demand through planning and water conservation measures.

Customer Service

AlertPolk is a critical communications system used to inform county residents about public safety threats and concerns, including health safety notices, boil water notices and other emergency issues impacting Polk’s Utilities Division.

Polk County Utilities customer service representatives are here to help you. Below are certain forms and documents that might aid you in getting faster service.

Customer Service Line: (863) 298-4100

How to Read and Understand Your Bill

Utilities Bill Breakdown

Bill Details

How to reach us
This section provides the main ways you can contact us.

Notification Center
This section will keep you informed of important messages.

Consumption Data
Each chart in this section will compare your usage from month to month.

Mailing Address
If you send your payment by mail, use our P. O. Box address to ensure that your payment is processed.

Payment Amount
If you send your payment by mail, you will need to include the amount you are paying and use the P.O. Box address for mailing.

Account Details
This section will display the account name, number and service address that the bill is reflecting.

Cost Breakdown
This chart will display the breakdown of what services are included in the bill. An explanation of charges can be found on the back of the bill.

Due Date and Total
These sections will display the amount due and the due date for the current bill.

Cost Breakdown Explanation

Rates are approved by the Polk County Board of County Commissioners. Residential and commercial water rates consist of a base charge and inclining usage rates. Residential wastewater (sewer) rates consist of a base charge plus a capped per 1,000 gallon usage charge. Commercial wastewater (sewer) rates consist of a base charge plus a per 1,000 gallon usage charge. Reclaimed water rates consist of an inclining usage rate.

PWRI/AWS Surcharge
The Polk Water Regional Initiative/Alternate Water Supply surcharge supports the development of Polk County’s future water supply.

Public Service Tax
The Public Service Tax is levied to all customers in the unincorporated area of Polk County at a rate of 10% on water service.

Current Charges
All fees are due and payable on or before the current bill due date, which is 20 days after the statement is processed.

Past Due Balance
If payment is not received by the current bill due date, the account may be subject to a past due notice and a late fee (minimum fee of $6.00 or 5%, whichever is greater, of the balance due).

Disconnection of Service for Non-Payment
Disconnection of service will occur any time after the due date noted on the past due notice. All applicable fees will apply.

Reconnection of Service
Reconnection of service will occur after you contact Customer Service and pay the past due balance and all applicable fees.

Residential Application for Water and/or Sewer Service

Complete the application for residential water and/or sewer service to apply for a residential utility account (start water service/stop water service). Only one primary name can be listed on the utility account; indicate how you would like the account name listed. A secondary name and contact number can be listed as well. When completing the Residential Application, please verify the service and mailing address is correct, as additional charges could be incurred for corrections and/or trip charges if it is necessary to hand deliver mail to a customer’s location.

Polk County Utilities requires a deposit to establish an account. See the Utilities Rates and Fees link on the Utilities page for deposit fee information or contact Customer Service at (863) 298-4100. The deposit is non-negotiable or transferable between individuals. Checks should be made payable to Polk County Utilities. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the exact time of service connection.

Once you have a residential utility account, you can request the stop and transfer service online through the customer portal.

Application for Water and/or Sewer Service

Solicitud de Servicio de Agua Y/O Alcantarillado

Commercial Application for Water and/or Sewer Service

Complete the Commercial Application for Utility Service to apply for a commercial utility account at an existing location. The application must be completed and signed by an authorized signer for the business. Deposits are based on usage/capacity requirements and are subject to periodic review as well as adjustments. The customer’s signature on this application indicates acknowledgement that connection fees will be evaluated by staff at least annually. If actual utility usage is greater than originally estimated, additional fees may be assessed.

  • Checks should be made payable to Polk County Utilities.
  • Scan and email the signed application(s) with a copy of all required documents to If the ability to email the application(s) is not available, application(s) and required documents can be faxed to (863) 298-4111.

Application for Commercial Utility Service

Other Utilities Forms

Water Reports

Water Quality
Polk County Utilities provides customers safe and sustainable drinking water that is delivered from 15 public water systems throughout unincorporated Polk County.

Polk’s water is pumped from the Floridan Aquifer, which contains some of the cleanest water in the country. That ground water is sent to water treatment facilities for processing before it is delivered to your home or business.

Polk County Utilities, which is governed by the Environmental Protection Agency, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Florida Department of Health in Polk, complies with the Safe Drinking Water Act when delivering clean drinking water to your home or business. This water regularly undergoes water quality testing to ensure the safest water is provided. Water quality reports are produced annually to provide water quality data to customers.

If you’re unsure which water system serves your area, use the Consumer Confidence Report map to find your community and corresponding water quality report.

Water Use
How does your water use compare to other residential customers in your area?

In 2023, single-family residential households within each of the Polk County Regional Utility Service Areas (regions shown on the map below) utilized the following average gallons per day (GPD) of water.

Northeast Region – 221
Southwest Region – 208
Northwest Region – 214
Central Region – 192
Southeast Region – 157
East Region – 142

Refer to the map below to find your service area region.

water use map

To see how your water usage stacks up, check out the Southwest Florida Management District’s Water use calculator on the district’s website here.

To access utilities codes, standards and specifications navigate to the bottom of the Permitting page.