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Your business is our business. Polk County only works if the residents have opportunities to work for fair pay and benefits. We make sure taxpayer dollars are spent properly by ensuring that county divisions follow procurement rules, meet local vendor and women/minority business requirements, and train vendors on how to submit quotes, bids and requests. Polk County owns real estate only if it generates revenue and benefits residents. We oversee the budget and manage our CIP porjects.

Your business
Is our business


Polk County’s Procurement Division watches how taxpayer money is spent, monitors financial trends and provides purchasing services. If you’ve wondered, “How do I become a vendor with Polk County?” or “How do I submit a bid to the county?” Procurement can help.

Real Estate

Real Estate is responsible for all aspects of the county's real estate acquisition and disposition services in the unincorporated areas of Polk.

Economic Development

Polk’s strategic location positions businesses at the center of the state and at the heart of the global marketplace. With regional connectivity, lower cost of living, a robust talent pipeline and responsive incentive programs, Polk County is Florida’s Best Place for Business.

Budget and Management Services

Polk’s budget office prepares the county budget each year and oversees the five-year community investment projects, along with monitoring expenditures for the county commission (Polk County Commissioners) and ensuring effective and efficient use of resources.

CIP Projects

Polk County manages a rolling five-year Community Investment Plan (CIP) to construct and maintain assets including our facilities, utilities, roads, parks, environmental lands and the county's landfill.

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