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Public Notices

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Business Impact Public Hearings

June 4, 2024 Public Hearings at 9:30 a.m. in the County Commission Boardroom:

1. Consider an ordinance amending Polk County 08-015.

The proposed ordinance amends Polk County Ordinance 08-015, by providing for an amendment to section 4 procedure requirements for the fire chief or fire chief’s designee to declare a “burn ban”; providing for severability; providing an effective date. The proposed amendment would make Burn Bans and/or repeals of Burn Bans effective upon signature and filing with the Clerk of Court for the Polk County Board of County Commissioners. This amendment accelerates the ability of the Fire Chief or his designee to protect the safety of citizens and property due to drought and fire weather threats and risks.

The proposed Ordinance will reduce the delay in the effective date of the Burn Ban within unincorporated Polk County.

Estimate of direct economic impact of the proposed ordinance on private, for-profit businesses in the county: $0.00

Any new charge or fee imposed by the proposed ordinance: $0.00

Estimate of the county’s regulatory costs, including estimated revenues from any new charges or fees to cover such costs: $0.00

Good faith estimate of the number of businesses likely to be impacted by the proposed ordinance: 0

Additional information: A copy of the proposed ordinance may be requested from the Polk County Clerk’s Office.