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Public Safety

Your safety and quality of life are our highest priorities. We help our residents prepare for storms and flooding. And if the storms get too bad, we will be there for you and your family (pets included) with shelters throughout the community. It’s also our job to put out fires. Literally. Countywide, we provide emergency medical services for all residents of Polk County.

Stay Safe,
be Prepared

Stay Safe,
be Prepared

Emergency Management

Emergency Management is responsible for planning and coordinating actions to prepare, respond and recover from natural or man-made disasters in Polk County.

Fire Rescue

Polk County Fire Rescue provides Advanced Life Support transport to all residents and visitors of Polk County.

Floodplain Management

It is important to be aware of flood hazards no matter where you live. But it is especially important to be aware if you live in low-lying areas or near water.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement enforces Polk County’s land use-related ordinances and codes.

Roads and Drainage

Polk’s Roads and Drainage Division oversees roads and drainage systems, roadway drainage, intersections, bridges, traffic signals, signs and striping.

Hurricane Preparation

Depending on the storm’s strength, hurricanes can cause major wind damage, flooding and storm surge in some coastal areas.

Mosquito Control

Polk County’s Mosquito Control unit is constantly at work to combat the pesky insects and improve public health by following mosquito spraying schedules.

Emergency Orders and Declarations

Emergency declarations authorize activities that can help local government carry out essential services and activities.

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