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Traffic Engineering and Operations

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Amy Gregory

Phone: (863) 535-2200
Toll Free: (800) 780-5346


Street Address:
3000 Sheffield Road
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Office Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Traffic Engineering is responsible for safety on our roadways through the installation and maintenance of traffic signals and signs throughout the county. The section also reviews traffic safety concerns brought to us by our residents, such as traffic calming or intersection signalization requests.

Traffic related inquiries may be submitted by calling (863) 535-2200 or

Departments within Traffic Engineering include:

  • Traffic Data: Conducts traffic counts, reviews and processes traffic calming requests
  • Traffic Signals: Maintains county-owned traffic signals, school zones, beacons and lighting systems, as well as providing these services for some municipalities and the FDOT
  • Traffic Signs: Fabricates, installs and maintains traffic signs in our roadway network in compliance with the manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways
  • Pavement Markings: Maintains roadway pavement markings, symbols and reflective pavement markers.

The Traffic Section also houses the county’s Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). From the ITS, staff monitors 78 intersections and several camera feeds allowing them to do maintenance tasks remotely, e.g., adjusting signal timing, diagnostics and modifying school zones for holiday schedules.

These camera feeds do not record data. They provide staff with a live view of the intersection to perform troubleshooting and adjustments of the signal system in real time to improve traffic flow.

Traffic Data

Our Traffic Data group receives and investigates traffic-related inquiries from the public, such as speed limit changes, traffic calming, no parking areas and heavy vehicle restrictions. After the necessary investigations and studies are completed, some of these requests may also require approval by the Board.

Traffic Calming
Roads and Drainage is committed to reducing negative impacts of traffic while ensuring the overall safety and livability of residential neighborhoods. Our traffic calming policy provides a structured process for involving the community in implementing solutions for residential traffic problems that can be mitigated by traffic calming measures. Click here to download and view the complete Residential Traffic Calming Policy.

How can I request traffic calming?

To qualify for traffic calming, the road must be a local residential, paved road and the posted speed limit must be 30 miles per hour or less. You can download the Traffic Calming Request Form here. The form includes instructions to complete the form and a petition signature page that must be circulated by the petitioner to all residents living adjacent to the street or street segment where the traffic calming is being requested.

Traffic Counts

Some investigations may require performing vehicle counts along a given road. Our staff places automated traffic recorders at designated places on the road. The traffic counter consists of pneumatic tubing placed across the road that connects to a locked electronic sensor box that collects the data.

Traffic Signals

Our Traffic Signal group of IMSA-certified technicians perform maintenance to about 300 traffic signals and school zone beacons throughout the county. They are also responsible for maintaining more than 100 lighted intersections.

In addition to preventive maintenance, the Traffic Signal group responds when traffic signals or beacons have been damaged.

To report trouble with a traffic signal call (863) 535-2200 during business hours.

Traffic Signs

The Traffic Sign group constructs and maintains about 160,000 traffic signs at 90,000 locations throughout the county.

To report trouble with a traffic sign call (863) 535-2200 during business hours.

Our IMSA-certified technicians perform preventive maintenance to our traffic sign inventory, as well as emergency activities, such as placing road closure barricades.

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings and raised pavement markers (RPM), are the simplest, most effective traffic safety feature. They provide a high-visibility guide for the driver, particularly at night or bad weather conditions. They also inform the driver of particular rules along the roadway such as no passing zones. With the increase of automated vehicles, pavement markings are gaining even more importance, used by many autonomous vehicle systems to guide the car along the roadway.

Our pavement marking technician maintains the striping and pavement markings on major roads in adequate condition. Through contractors, the technician manages periodic restriping projects of our principal roadways, places RPMs and conducts reflectivity tests to ensure high quality and visibility.