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Fran McAskill

Phone: (863) 534-6757
Toll Free: (800) 780-5346


Street Address:
330 W. Church St.
Bartow, FL 33830

Office Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Polk County’s Procurement Division oversees how taxpayer money is spent and provides purchasing of goods and services for all divisions within the county.

If the county needs services to be performed by an outside contractor, including architectural design, engineering and design-build services, the procurement office makes it happen. This office assists all county divisions with using the correct procurement methods, meeting local vendor and women/minority business requirements and training vendors on how to submit quotes, bids and request for proposals.

Bids and Proposals

Polk County's current procurement opportunities for vendors:

Bid # Title Open Date
RFP 24-381 Acquisition Services May 22, 2024
RFP 23-565 Professional Planning Services for the Vision Zero Action Plan under the Safe Streets for All Roads Users (SS4A) Grant Program May 22, 2024
CQ 24-357 Frank B. Smith Building Stucco Repairs May 22, 2024
RFP 24-246 Utilities Construction Services May 29, 2024
RFP 24-402 Annual Financial Auditing Services May 29, 2024
Bid 24-335 Offsite Leachate Hauling and Disposal May 29, 2024
CQ 24-415 Supervisor of Elections Window and Frame Replacement May 29, 2024
DQ 24-444 512 Cameron Road, Eagle Lake May 31, 2024
Bid 24-352 Sheriff's Office Animal Control North & South Kennels - Roof Replacement June 5, 2024
Bid 24-425 NW Wahneta Drainage Improvement Project - ARP June 5, 2024
Bid 24-435 Body Shop Services (FEMA) June 5, 2024
RFP 24-383 Professional Engineering Services for North Rifle Range Road Drainage & Sidewalk Improvements - Wahneta Project June 12, 2024

Continuing Solicitations

Bid # Title
CS 24-022 Towing Services for Polk County
CS 22-365 Code Enforcement Towing
CS 24-330 Body Shop Services
CS 24-196 Burial and Cremation Services
CS 22-240 Wireless Infrastructure Products
CS 21-380 Various Medical Related Supplies
CS 07-052 Temporary Labor - Nursing
CS 22-092 Sod Services for Polk County
CS 19-642 Securing of Structures
CS 19-1072 Safety Product Supplies
CS 15-044 Protective Footwear
CS 13-294 Environmental Lands Site Caretaker
CS 20-667 Heavy Equipment and Tool Rentals
CS 20-1111 Janitorial Supplies
CS 20-633 Litter Pickup
CS 18-824 Pharmaceuticals for Fire Rescue
CS 17-633 Radiology Services
CS 19-601 Plumbing Supplies
CS 09-015 Physician Services for the Rohr Home
CS 09-007 Park Service Residents

Bid Status

Bid # Title
Bid 23-640 SM Overgrowth and Small Lot Clearing
Bid 23-641-SM Overgrowth and Large Lot Clearing
Bid 24-062 Delivery of Welding & Liquid Gases to include related Maintenance/Repair Services
Bid 24-011 Inwood Elementary School Project
Bid 24-122 Saddle Creek Park ADA Parking Pads & Sidewalks
Bid 24-154 Polk County Emergency Operations Center Warehouse
Bid 24-133 Polk County Sheriff's Office Ridge District Station at Poinciana
Bid 24-110-SM Landscaping Services for Roads & Drainage
RFP 24-174 Professional Engineering Services for North Ridge Trail Project
RFP 24-217 Acquisition Services – Drainage Projects
RFP 24-178 Advertising & Related Marketing Services for Indigent Health Care Programs
Bid 24-270 Lakeland-Bartow-Polk County Potable Water Interconnect
CQ 24-168 Drainage, Hangar, Shop, Washroom and Mosquito Control Services Office - Roof Replacement
DQ 24-331 134 Arizona Avenue, Lakeland
CQ 24-167 Sheriff's Aviation Hangar - Roof Replacement
Bid 24-231 Lake Victoria Outfalls Project - ARP
DQ 24-342 2054 NW 42nd Street, Winter Haven
DQ 24-343 107 Eagle Lake Loop Road, Winter Haven
Bid 24-299 Master Meter Cloud Read Water Meters, Network Equipment & Accessories
Bid 24-172 Motor Control Centers (MCC-1 & MCC-2)Equipment and Services
CQ 24-186 SM Fleet Office- Remodel Existing Bathrooms
CQ 24-187 SM Fleet Shop- Remodel Existing Bathrooms & Breakroom
Bid 24-237 Fire Extinguisher Services
Bid 24-249 History Center-Exterior Window Restoration and Exterior Door Repair
Bid 24-341 Extractors and Dryers
RFP 24-262 Review for Unbilled or Mis-billed Utility Services
Bid 24-279 Deeson Road Lift Station and Force Main Improvements
Bid 24-271 Water Dispensers and Accessories
Bid 24-235 Eleven (11) Air Handling Units, Speed Drives and Supporting Components
Bid 24-350 Emergency Nursing Staff for Special Needs Shelters
DQ 24-407 6 Grove Park Lane, Eagle Lake
Bid 24-351 Catering for Emergency and Disaster Events
RFP 24-360 SHIP Funds Supporting Multi-Family Rental Development Projects
RFP 24-273 Professional Architectural & Engineering Services for Polk County Utilities Division Northeast Regional Warehouse - Operations Building/Fleet Campus
Bid 24-321 Vibration Analysis for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
Bid 24-405 Chemicals and Insecticides