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Public Shelters Policies

  • All shelters are not automatically activated for each possible emergency. Shelters are opened as they are needed. They are not preassigned by geographic area.
  • Prepare a seven-day survival kit ready to take with you. A shelter won’t have the comforts of home so make sure to take what you’ll want or need.
  • NO PETS (except at designated pet-friendly sites), NO WEAPONS and NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are allowed in public shelters.

For information about pet-friendly shelters, call the Emergency Management office at (863) 298-7000 Toll Free: (866) 661-0228

2024 Potential Polk County Public Shelters

Below are potential public shelter locations that may become available during an emergency. Please do not proceed to any shelter until you have confirmed that it is open and operating.

Auburndale High School
1 Bloodhound Trail, Auburndale

Jere L. Stanbough Middle School
226 N. Main St.

Walter Caldwell Elementary School
141 Dairy Road

Polk County Health Department – Special Needs Shelter
1255 Brice Boulevard

Bartow High School
1270 S. Broadway Avenue

Stephens Elementary School
1350 N. Maple Avenue

Spessard L. Holland Elementary School
2342 E.F. Griffin Road

Citrus Ridge Academy
1775 Sand Mine Rd.

Davenport School of the Arts
4751 North CR 547

Horizons Elementary School
1700 Forest Lake Dr.

Loughman Oaks Elementary School
4600 US Highway 17-92 N.

Ridge Community High School – Special Needs Shelter
500 Orchid Dr.

Ridgeview Global Studies Academy
1000 Dunson Rd.

Lake Region High School – Pet Friendly Shelter
1995 Thunder Rd.

Pinewood Elementary School
1400 Gilbert St.

Alta Vista Elementary School
801 Scenic Hwy S.

Haines City High School – Pet Friendly Shelter
2800 Hornet Dr.

Sandhill Elementary School
1801 Tyner Rd.

Shelley S. Boone Middle School
225 S. 22nd St.

Combee Elementary School
2805 Morgan Combee Rd.

George Jenkins High School Freshman Academy
6000 Lakeland Highlands Rd.

Highlands Grove Elementary School
4510 Lakeland Highlands Rd.

Kathleen Elementary School
3515 Sherertz Rd.

Kathleen High School
110 Red Devil Way

Lake Gibson High School
7007 N. Socrum Loop Rd.

Lakeland Highlands Middle School
740 Lake Miriam Dr.

Philip O’Brien Elementary School
1225 E. Lime St.

Lincoln Avenue Academy
1330 N. Lincoln Ave.

McKeel Academy of Technology – Special Needs Shelter
1810 W. Parker

Dr. N.E. Roberts Elementary School
6600 Green Rd.

Rochelle School of the Arts
1501 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

Scott Lake Elementary School
1140 Hwy 540A E.

Sleepy Hill Elementary School
2285 Sleepy Hill Rd.

Southwest Elementary School
2650 Southwest Ave.

Teneroc High School – Pet Friendly Shelter
4905 Saddle Creek Rd.

R. Bruce Wagner Elementary School
5500 Yates Rd.

Mulberry Middle School
500 S.E. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave.

Purcell Elementary School
305 N.E. 1st Ave.

Donald Bronson Community Center
124 Bronson Trail

Lake Marion Creek Middle School
3055 Lake Marion Creek Dr.

Laurel Elementary School
1851 Laurel Ave.

Palmetto Elementary School
315 Palmetto St.

Chain of Lakes Elementary
7001 Hwy 653

Jewett School of the Arts
2250 8th St N.E.

Winter Haven High School
600 6th St S.E.