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Polk Charter Amendments


During this election season, Polk County voters will be asked to make many choices on their local ballots. Please remember to vote for the two proposed amendments below, which are the final items on your ballot.

Proposed 2020 Amendments

Polk County Efficiency Commission

This proposed amendment would eliminate the Polk County Efficiency Commission.

The original idea behind this commission was to get as many municipalities, constitutional offices and the School Board to plan closer together; to create economies of scale and to enhance cooperation. However, that never happened as planned with the creation of this board. While program cooperation and efficiencies did eventually emerge, it wasn’t as a result of the Efficiency Commission. It was largely out of necessity during the Great Recession.

Fleet maintenance, plans examining, some building inspections and other joint use and joint project agreements have evolved on an as needed basis. In the end, the Efficiency Commission ultimately spent more money than they ever saved and voted to abolish itself.

Charter Review Reform

This amendment would increase the time between Charter Review Commissions from eight to 12 years.

Polk’s first Charter Review Commission in 2001 offered a number of recommendations. The most significant of which, was to make the constitutional officers, the Sheriff, Clerk of Courts, Supervisor of Elections, Property Appraiser and Tax Collector nonpartisan. Other counties have followed our lead. Since that time other proposed charter changes have been ministerial in nature.

The last Charter Review Commission determined eight years isn’t enough time between Review Commissions for members to provide meaningful recommendations. As such, they have recommended the review period move from every eight years to every 12 years.

In order to pass, the amendments must be passed with more than 60 percent approval. Both have been recommended for approval by the Polk County Charter Commission.

Charter Review Commission Overview

The Polk County Charter was developed in 1997 by a Charter Commission appointed by the County Commission and the Constitutional Officers (Sheriff, Clerk of Courts, Supervisor of Elections, Tax Collector, Property Appraiser). The Charter Commission developed the Charter and submitted it to the voters for their reaction in the November 1998 general election. Voters approved it by a wide margin.

The Charter requires that by July 1st of every eighth year after 2001 a Charter Review Commission again be appointed to review the Charter and to present to the Board of County Commissioners any recommended revisions.

Download the Polk County Charter

2017 Members

  • J. Bart Allen, Esq.
  • Casandra Denmark
  • Bob English
  • Mike Hickman
  • Alice Hunt
  • Lisa Jensen
  • Greg Masters
  • Charles McPherson
  • Patty Schmidt
  • Christian Spinosa
  • Robert Stanz
  • Ramon Vicioso
  • Clay Watkins

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