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Planner on Call Services

Planner-On-Call is a customer service provided to answer questions regarding planning and development tools and assist residents regarding the County’s Comprehensive Plan, Land Development Code and other planning topics. A staff member is available to meet with residents who walk in, call (863) 534-6084, submit questions by e-mail or fax (863) 534-6021. This service is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Codes, Ordinances, Reports and Governing Documents

Viewers and Research Tools

Fee Schedules

Level 1 Review - Administrative Action
TypeCurrent Fee as of 10/1/23
Annual Renewal Operation Permit/Progress Reports
Phosphate/Non-Phosphate Annual Progress Report$467.00
Limerock Mine/Sand Mine/Solid Waste$467.00
Limerock Mine/Sand Mine Operating Permit Phosphate mining Conceptual mine Plan (New and Existing) $580.00
Per Acre$0.50
Minimum$500. 00
Phosphate Mine Plan Amendment
Per Acre$0.50
Minimum $500.00
Phosphate Mine Plan Modification$500.00
Annual Mine Operating Permit/Plus$1212.00
Per Acreage to be Mined$0.25
Phosphate Mine Varience$608.00
Phosphate Mine Operation Permit Amendment$172.00
Phosphate Debris Mining Conceptual Mine Plan (New and Existing)
Per Acre$0.25
Phosphate Debris Mining Variance$445.00
Phosphate Debris Mining Plan Modification$445.00
Phosphate Debris Mining Annual Operating Permit$200.00
Phosphate Debris Mining Plan Amendment/Acres Added$25.00
Bingo Permits
Administrative Determination/Interpretation$2329.00
Appeals of Administrative Determinations/Interpretation$1071.59
Development Agreement$7953.00
Non-Conforming Use Determination (Grandfather Rights)$2320.00
Pre-Application Conference$250.00
DRI Annual REports$423.00
Research Letters (Per Hour)$120.00
Right of Way Maintenance Agreement$601.00
Residential Access through Easement
Base Fee$514.00
Application due to Land Development Code Violation
Level 1 Review - Administrative Action
TypeCurrent Fee as of 10/1/23
Alcohol beverage License$150.00
Adult Use permits
Adult Use Distance Determination$165.00
Adult Use Permit$250.00
Backgound Check per Employee$170.00
Annual Licensure Fee for Subsequent years$350.00
Health Unit Re-Inspection Fee$75.00
Fire Marshal Compliance Fee$75.00
Level 2 Review - Administrative Action
TypeCurrent Fee as of 10/1/23
Application due to Land Development Code ViolationDouble Regular Fees
One Year Extension to Approved Level 2 Review Plans50% of cost of Base Fee
Non-Residential Driveway Only$1134.00
Final Inspection Fee$2189.00
Security Residence (on previously approved site plan)$100.00
Residential Subdivision Site Plan Preview
Base Fee$3767.25
Residential Subdivision Site Inspection Fees
Base Fee$7506.75
Per Lot Fee$30.00
Mobile Home and RV Parks - Base Fee$7506.75
Mobile Home and RV Parks- Per Lot/Site Fee$30.00
Condominium/Apartments - Base Fee$7506.75
Condominium/Apartments - Per Unit Fee$30.00
Final Inspection Fee$2189.00
Educational System Capacity Assessment$1682.00
Payment Program with Level 2 Review$1683.00
After Hours Inspection Per Hour$65.00
Modification or Minor Revision of Approved Plans (RAA)
Non-Residential Site Plan inspections
Structures > 30,000 Square Feet$3120.00
Structures 5,001 - 29,999 Square Feet$6554.00
Structures< 5,000 Square Feet$2571.00
Final Inspection Fee$2189.00
Initial Operating Permit Phosphate or Non-Phosphate$500.00
Minor Level 2 Review$512.00
Minor Modification to Planned Development & Conditional Uses (Including one year extensions by the DRC)$609.00
Traffic Study
Flood Hazard Management Review
Minor Review (Site Area < 5 acres)$254.00
Major Review (Site Area > 5 acres)$500.00
Flood Study$500.00
Level 3 Review - Land Use Hearing Officer
TypeCurrent Fee as of 10/1/23
Land Use Hearing Officer Cases (Variance, TSE, SE)$516.00
TSE/SE Renewal$86.00
TSE/SE Late FEE$36.00
Advertising Costs$25.00
Level 3 Review - Planning Commission
TypeCurrent Fee as of 10/1/23
Conditional Use/Planned Development (excluding Mobile Home, Individual)$4023.00
Advertising Costs (Land Use Hearing Officer)$450.00
Major Modification to Conditional Use/Planned Development$4021.00
Advertising Costs$450.00
Conditional Use - Mobile Home, Individual$516.00
Advertising Costs$450.00
Sign Plan - Monument Sign$2000.00
Advertising Costs$450.00
Sign Plan - Height$516.00
Advertising Costs$450.00
Appeals of Planning Commission Actions (De Novo Hearing)$813.00
Time Extension (PC)$500.00
Level 4 Review - Planning Commission
TypeCurrent Fee as of 10/1/23
Community Development District (New)$15000.00
Community Development District (Modification)$1500.00
Conditional Use/Planned Development $4086.00
Advertising for Level 4 Review$850.00
Small Scale Map Amendment$4008.00
Advertising Small Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment$600.00
Large Scale Map Amendment
Base Fee $3428.25
Per Acre over 10 Acres$15.00
Advertising - Large Scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment$1150.00
Land Development Code \Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment$4584.00
Advertising for Level 4 Review$850.00
Land Development Code District Change$4073.00
Advertising for Level 4 Review$850.00
Developments of Regional Impact New Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)
Base Fee$3000.00
Per residential Acre$12.00
Per Non-Residential Acre$20.00
Per Mining Area$2.00
Advertising for Developments of Regional ImpactActual Costs
Existing Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)
Notice of Proposed Change$1220.00
Substantial Deviation$1220.00
Advertising for Developments of Regional ImpactActual Costs
Advertising for Level 4 Review$850.00
Level 5 Review - Development Review Committee Action
TypeCurrent Fee as of 10/1/23
Minor Subdivison Plan Review
Base Fee$410.25
Per Lot$25.00
Plat Review
Base Fee$3810.00
Per Lot$3.00
Plat Filing - Paid to the CLERK OF COURTS
First Page$30.00
Per Page After the First$15.00
Vacation of Subdivision Plat$1632.56
TypeCurrent Fee as of 10/1/23
Economic Development Impact Fee Mitigation$2241.00
Educational System Capacity Assessment Payment Program per lot (Prior to CO)$50.00
When determined by the Land Development Director necessary to engage third party professionals to assist in any reviews, the fees for such third party professionals shall be the obligation of the applicant.To be determined. Requires agreement between both the Land Development Director and the applicant.
Postage and Handling
Comprehensive Plan/Land Development Code$7.00
Map Series$3.25
Large Maps - Rolled$7.25
Maps - Folded$.75
Miscellaneous Documents up to 5 pages$1.00
Miscellaneous Documents 6-25 pages$2.50
Miscellaneous Documents over 25 pagesActual Cost
Documents and Maps
Hard Copy of LDC or Comp PlanActual Cost ($.15 per page)
CD or USB copy of the LDC or Comp Plan$5.00
17"x22" Maps or Plan Sheets$2.00
18"x24" Maps or Plan Sheets$2.00
24"x36" Maps or Plan Sheets$3.00
30"x30" Maps or Plan Sheets$5.00
32"x34" Maps or Plan Sheets$5.00
Other Sizes - per square inch$.03
Future Land Use Wall Map (Extra Large)$300.00
Electronic Data Base & Digital Map Files
Minimum Fee$15.00
Computer Time$25.00
Staff Time$25.00