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Parking Garage

The charge for using the garage is $2 for the first hour and 50 cents for each additional hour. Sales of monthly passes are available at a discounted rate of $45 a month, which allows the customer to park in the garage at a reduced rate when spaces are available. Please note that with this option, you are not purchasing a reserved parking space.

You must use a Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit card to purchase your discounted parking pass, which also incurs an additional $2 processing fee. No cash or checks will be accepted. Passes will be sold in the office of the Communications Division in the Administration Building during regular business hours.

For those wishing to pay for daily parking using a credit card, there are also additional charges that are charged by the credit card companies. Those fees are:

  • $2 = $0.29 cent fee 
  • $3 = $0.31 cent fee 
  • $4 = $0.33 cent fee
  • $5 = $0.35 cent fee 
  • $6 = $0.37 cent fee 
  • $45 = $1.15 fee