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What is Healthy Families Polk?

Healthy Families Polk is a free, voluntary program that gives families useful information on parenting and child development to include parenting programs and parenting classes. Being a parent is an important and sometimes difficult job. We offer tools to make the job easier. We want families to have the support they need to reach their goals and build a bright future for their children.

What can Healthy Families Polk do for your family?

A family support worker will visit you in your home to:

  • Offer you encouragement
  • Provide information on your child’s growth and development
  • Check to see if your child is developing as expected
  • Help you learn healthy ways of dealing with everyday stress
  • Connect you to other community services your family may need
  • Teach you positive parenting skills, activities and age-appropriate discipline options
  • Help you do home safety checks to make sure your family is safe
  • Help you get your child’s well-baby checks and immunizations on time
  • Help you set and achieve your goals
  • Provide these services for three to five years
  • Introduce you to other new parents with whom you can share your experiences and attend group outings

Am I eligible for Healthy Families Polk services?

Healthy Families Polk will meet with you to find out if you are eligible for Healthy Families services. Please call (863) 534-5257 to schedule an appointment.

You may be eligible for Healthy Families services if:

  • You are expecting a new baby or you have a baby under three months old
  • You have or are currently experiencing stressful life situations that indicate you could benefit from home visiting services

What if I am not eligible?

If you are not eligible for Healthy Families Polk services, we will refer you to other resources in your community.

What will be expected of me?

To benefit from services, Healthy Families Polk asks that:

  • You be home for scheduled visits
  • You participate in the activities the home visitor brings for you
  • You set goals for yourself and your family
  • You work to reach the goals you have set