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Policies and Permits

The Environmental Lands Acquisition Ordinance (County Ordinance #94-40) states that properties are purchased under this Ordinance “for the purpose of acquiring, preserving, protecting, managing…restoring endangered and environmentally sensitive lands, water resources and important wildlife habitat…”

Also, “Properties purchased through this Ordinance may be used for passive outdoor recreational purposes, such as, but not limited to, hiking, canoeing or wildlife photography provided that such uses will not disturb or degrade the environmental quality of the site and are compatible with and supportive of the stated purposes of this Ordinance.”

The following is a list of Environmental Lands that are currently open to the public for compatible, nature-based recreation. The Environmental Lands Public Use Ordinance and Photographer Code of Ethics provides guidelines for the public to follow while visiting the Polk County environmental reserves.

Completed permit applications can be faxed to (863) 668-4677.
Applications can also be mailed or delivered to 4399 Winter Lake Road, Lakeland, FL 33803.
Please be sure to include a copy of a state issued ID.