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Are Fireworks Really Safe?

By state law, you can only legally shoot fireworks on Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Florida. This bright and loud tradition can be a fun family event to help you celebrate the occasions; however, people are injured each year in fireworks-related incidents.

So, are fireworks really safe?

Fireworks certainly can be safe when they are handled by professionals – people with proper training and knowledge. It’s a different story for the general public. Fireworks are explosives and, without the proper training, they can have unintentional consequences. These consequences range from minor injuries to fires and death.

Each year, fireworks are responsible for thousands of injuries and more than 19,500 fires. Burns make up a majority of the injuries, mostly effecting extremities such as the hands. About a third of the injuries happen to children under 15. Kids 10 to 14-years old are at the highest risk, and sparklers account for 25 percent of firework-related injuries, as they burn at 1,200° F.

So, if you are looking to enjoy some fireworks, head to a local show that is being coordinated by a professional crew. If that’s not an option, try some of these fun fireworks alternatives: glowsticks, noisemakers or silly string. Leave the fireworks to the professionals!

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