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Contract Solicitation Number: Bid 24-279

Start Date: End Date Open Date:
April 24, 2024

Bid Placement: Bids

Pre-Bid Conference: PRE-BID CONFERENCE: A MANDATORY pre-bid meeting will be held THURSDAY, MARCH 28, 2024, 10:00 a.m., at the Utilities Administration Building, Room 63, located at 1011 Jim Keene Blvd., Winter Haven, FL 33880. An authorized representative or agent of the Bidder must be present at this meeting, as evidenced by their signature on the meeting’s sign-in sheet, or the Bidder’s Submittal will be considered non-responsive.



Ari Goldstein -

Other Information:


Bid-24-279-Addendum-1.pdf - View File

Bid-24-279-Addendum-2.pdf - View File

Bid-24-279-Addendum-3.pdf - View File

Bid-24-279-Addendum-4.pdf - View File

Related Documents:

Bid-24-279-Notice-of-Invitation-for-Bid.pdf - View File

Pre-bid Lists:

Bid-24-279-Pre-Bid-Sign-In-List.pdf - View File

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