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Ensuring Safe and Efficient Travel

Polk Transportation Planning Organization

The Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), established in 1977, is the lead transportation planning agency for Polk County. It works with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and local agencies to plan and make decisions about transportation investments to provide safe, reliable travel.

What does TPO do?

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Polk’s TPO:

  • Adopts and maintains a long-range, multi-modal transportation plan that includes highway, public transportation, pedestrian, bicycle and multi-use trail network improvements;
  • Establishes local priorities for the use of federal and state funds on transportation projects; and
  • Adopts a Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) that includes FDOT’s five-year work program and implements the long-range plan.

TPO Governing Board

The TPO governing Board is comprised of elected officials, including commissioners from Polk County and the municipalities. They build consensus among member governments and provide input with regard to how Federal and State transportation funds are spent. FDOT is represented as a non-voting member as well as representatives from local transit agencies.
Several committees provide input to guide the TPO Board. They include the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), Joint Airport Zoning Board (JAZB) and the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board (TDLCB).

Your Voice Can Be Heard

Polk TPO seeks the public’s participation in the planning and decision-making process through public outreach efforts.
You can stay current with TPO’s ongoing planning process by joining the Transportation Adviser Network. The network, about 250 members strong, is a mechanism for resident involvement, especially by members of minority and low-income households. Formed through the TPO’s community outreach efforts, the Adviser Network provides a less formal, more extensive structure for soliciting public participation and comment.

You can learn more about Polk TPO’s current and future projects, and view planning documents, by visiting

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