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Polk HealthCare FAQs

If you have Medicaid, Medicare or other healthcare coverage, you are not eligible; however, if you are awaiting enrollment into Medicaid or Medicare you may be eligible.

Unfortunately, we do not cover dental or vision services; however, there are community partners that provide that service. Call us for a referral.

We accept walk-ins Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or residents may apply online.

You will need to speak with your primary care doctor to obtain a referral to the needed specialist.

Polk HealthCare Plan members should utilize Labcorp for their blood work and lab needs.

PHP does not provide transportation; however, we do collaborate with community partners who may be able to assist. Call us for a referral (863)533-1111.

You can complete a new application online or call our office to request a renewal link be sent to you via email to avoid reentering all of your information. You may also request phone or in-office renewal.

Your provider information is on the front page of your Polk HealthCare Plan Membership card (blue card), listed next to PCP.

You can find copay information in the membership handbook or on the membership page.

Yes; you may not exceed a total of 20 specialty visits.

Yes. If the child does not qualify for Medicaid and does not have any other health coverage being provided, they may qualify for this coverage.

A case manager will reach out to you within five business days. You can contact our office at (863) 533-1111 for additional information.

Open the email link sent to you. If you cannot see it in your inbox, it may be in your spam folder named Polk Scheduler. If you did not receive an email, call (863) 533-1111 to request a new link to be sent to you. Open the link to the application page and follow the prompts. For additional assistance, you can contact us at (863) 533-1111.

Reach out to your case manager or call (863) 533-1111 to request new link be sent.