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Connect With the Board of County Commissioners

As chairman of the Polk County Board of County Commissioners, I’m inviting you to connect with your commissioners. After all, as residents, you elected us to represent you. So, it only makes sense that we’d want to hear from you on important issues, right?

Is There a Better Way?

You may already attend the bi-monthly county commission meetings in Bartow and address commissioners about issues that concern you. That’s a great start.

I’d suggest, though, that there’s an even better way to do things; a way that will be more helpful to you, the commissioners and our community.

What Happens at a Board Meeting?

When you show up to speak at a board meeting, you are limited to three minutes at a podium. You can certainly speak your mind, but there’s no back and forth between you and the commissioners. The structure of the meeting does not allow for any kind of question-and-answer session.

Simply put, if your first time speaking about an issue is at the board meeting, it can be a little late in the game.

Bill Braswell

The Best Time to Get Involved

Why not, instead, reach out to the commissioners earlier in the process? For example, if you see a land use notice that may impact you, or if there’s an upcoming agenda item that effects your community, that’s the best time to get involved.

I’m not suggesting that residents stop coming to board meetings. I’m saying that by also initiating a conversation earlier, your perspective can be part of the information-gathering process.

This may not necessarily sway things toward the outcome you want, but your voice will be heard.

So, I’d love to connect with you if there’s something county-related on your mind. Call my office at (863) 534-6050 to set up an appointment.

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