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Planning for Our Future: Polk County Land Development

It’s no secret that Polk County is growing. The question is how does Polk County Land Development manage that growth? How do we make sure it’s done in a way that is beneficial to residents? The Office of Planning and Development manages community development and helps to maintain growth through land development regulations and construction codes.


Planning and development tools Polk County, Florida
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Planning and Development Tools for Managing Polk County, Florida Growth

Planning for future Polk County growth all starts with a document known as the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan combines multiple plans to address everything the community needs to thrive, from affordable housing to a sustainable water supply. For more information about Polk County’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code, you can view the Municipality Library.


The Plan guides Polk County’s growth and change by establishing goals, objectives and policies that are tailored to our physical characteristics and development for the betterment of our communities. Developing a comprehensive plan is a complex process, but the idea behind it is simple: Create a guide to orderly development Polk County.

Construction workers in Polk County Florida
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With cooperation from other county agencies, Polk County Land Development staff implements the comprehensive plan by reviewing all proposed development, ensuring it will grow the community within the plan’s guidance. But the comprehensive plan is about to change.

Help Shape the Future of Polk County

Polk County has grown and changed significantly since the original plan was created in 1991. We are embarking on a new journey to evolve the plan for a new future. We hope you will participate as we reimagine our plan over the next year and a half.



Staff hopes to welcome public participation in Spring 2024. Please check for further information, or call Chanda Bennett at (863) 534-6484.

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