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Is the Polk HealthCare Plan An Option?

As the end of the year approaches, you may be scrambling to renew or find health coverage for the coming year. Depending on your needs, private insurance, employer-offered insurance, Medicaid, Medicare or Florida’s healthcare marketplace insurance may be options for you.

Or, if you do not qualify for Medicaid, the Polk HealthCare Plan may be available to assist you.

 Hundreds of thousands of Florida residents have been disenrolled in Medicaid due to the end of the COVID 19-related public health emergency, leaving them without health insurance.  Also, Florida’s minimum wage recently increased, but many Polk County residents are still facing more financial demands than they can handle.

The Polk HealthCare Plan is not insurance and members do not pay annual deductibles, monthly fees, enrollment fees or submit claim forms. It offers eligible Polk County residents access to healthcare. Members only pay small copays for doctor visits or filled prescriptions.

The Polk HealthCare Plan partners with licensed medical providers in the county to connect low-income Polk residents with the care they need in the areas of primary and specialty care, urgent care, emergency services and behavioral healthcare.

Learn more or see if you’re eligible at

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