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Contractor Licensing Board

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The Contractor Licensing Board reviews complaints against, and exercises disciplinary authority over licensed contractors. This authority includes license suspension or revocation for locally licensed contractors, but is limited to suspension of permit pulling privileges in Polk County for state-certified contractors.

The Contractor Licensing Board meets the second Wednesday of each month in the County Commission Boardroom. Meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. and conclude when all cases on the agenda have been heard.

Board Members

  • Marvin Hammer, Chairman
  • John W. Scott, Vice Chairman
  • Brett Garber
  • William Witt
  • Carl Edward Locke, Jr.
  • David Pearce
  • Ralph Price

Qualifications for Board Members/How to Apply

The Polk County Board of County Commissioners appoints nine members and two alternates to the Contractor Licensing Board. Members are appointed for three-year terms, and there are no term limits. Members must also be residents of the county for at least one year, and must represent at least:

  • Two building contractors
  • One electrical contractor
  • One HARV contractor
  • One plumbing contractor
  • One architect or engineer licensed by the state
  • One swimming pool contractor
  • One roofing contractor
  • One associate with the gas association
  • Two alternates