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Harden Parkway

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On June 20, 2004, the Board of County Commissioners approved the establishment of the Harden/Parkway Community Redevelopment Agency through the adoption of the Community Redevelopment Plan. On Jan. 21, 2004, the Board adopted Resolution No. 04-10 appointing itself as the Board of Commissioners of the Agency (Harden/Parkway CRA Board). In accordance with the Section 163.357(1)(c), Florida Statutes, the Board went on to appoint the city manager and the community development department manager for the City of Lakeland, to serve as two additional members of the board for the Harden/Parkway CRA.

Polk County and the City of Lakeland have established an Interlocal Agreement to cooperate in creating this single purpose CRA, for the specific purpose of eliminating blight on the area’s transportation system which currently has adverse impacts upon both county and city governments and the citizenry. Polk County has the statutory authority to establish a redevelopment area that is within a municipality located within Polk County and is supported by the city of Lakeland in utilizing this approach.

Governing Body

The Harden Parkway CRA Board was created to eliminate and prevent the development or spread of slums and blight, to reduce or prevent crime, and to provide affordable housing to residents of low or moderate income. That affordable housing may include slum clearance and redevelopment, or rehabilitation and revitalization of tourist areas that are deteriorating and economically distressed, and rehabilitation or conservation in the CRA area, or any combination or part thereof.

The Harden Parkway CRA Board holds meetings on an as-needed basis.

Board Members

Qualifications for Board Members/How to Apply

The Harden Parkway CRA Board include the Polk County Board of County Commissioners and the city manager and community development department director for the City of Lakeland, or their designees, to serve as two additional members of the Harden Parkway CRA Board.