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Resource Centers

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Johnny and Freda Brooks Eloise Resource Center

Eloise Resource Center

Mary Norma Campbell Resource Center

Mary Norma Resource Center

Medulla Resource Center

Medulla Resource Center

Wabash Community Center

Wabash Community Center

Wilfred Smith Resource Center

Wilfred resource center

Five Resource Centers are located throughout Polk County serving our residents in those communities. Each center hosts various special events during the year and can be rented for private meetings and other functions. These are vital hubs that bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging in the communities they serve. The centers offer a wide range of free programs, services and activities, all of which are designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of each community. These include:

  • Recreation programs
  • Community events and celebrations
  • Educational programming
  • Senior programming
  • Arts and culture programming

Facility Rental Reservations

The Resource Centers have areas available for private and community rentals. For more information regarding fees and available dates, contact the Resource Center you are interested in reserving.

For more information about the Polk County Resource Centers, please call (863) 534-6911.